Are you from outside Canada? Coming here to do some filming? Looking for a good ol’ Canadian crew, eh? Let us help!

International productions flock to Toronto/Ontario for many reasons.

  • Generous Tax Credits and Film Subsidies
  • Experienced and Affordable Crew and Talent
  • Increasing Production Space
  • A Great Exchange Rate!

    As a hub for film, organizations such as TIFF, Ontario Creates (OFTTC) and XOTO have built up the Ontario Production Incentives for film production in Toronto, making it the true Hollywood North.

    Beyond camera rental, lenses, lights and grip, we can connect you with established producers that are experienced with:

  • Sourcing on-screen talent through local agencies.
  • Crewing for all below-the-line departments
  • Tax Credits, Subsidies and Grants Knowledge
  • Trusted relationships with rental houses and post-production
  • Connections within the talent Unions and Guilds
  • Location Managers with vast libraries of locations
  • Unlimited Maple Syrup and Moose! (maybe) And much more!

    Let us connect you to the people who can help bring your production to life.

    Reach out now to any of the emails below:

    Yair Karlberger - General Manager

    Daniel Shojaei - Owner of Ontario Camera

    General E-mail

  • Rental equipment — for every production