Zeiss Standard Speed Lens Kit - 7 Lenses

Zeiss Standard Speed Lenses T2.1 - PL 7 Lenses


  • 16mm T2.1
  • 20mm T2.1
  • 24mm T2.1
  • 32mm T2.1
  • 40mm T2.1
  • 50mm T2.1
  • 85mm T2.1
  • 100mm T2.1



Zeiss Standard Speeds, industry workhorses for years, have been used on some of the best looking feature films of the last 40 years.  Small size, good sharpness and contrast, and a large selection of focal lengths have kept these lenses relevant even today, adding a filmic quality to digital cameras.  They are often used as a slightly less sharp and less contrasty alternative to modern lenses.

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