Ronford Atlas Tripod package

Ronford Atlas Tripod package


  • Engineered for quality, strength & durability
  • Standard / Baby Sticks
  • Quick release camera plate. Adjustable for balance with built in safety stops & scale.
  • Arri dovetail plate also available.
  • Panbars in 3 positions, mounted via ratchet discs with telescopic facility.
  • Smooth positive braking on pan & tilt.
  • 2 Spirit levels with “Tritium” light source.
  • 150 m/m ball or Mitchell / Moy fitting.
  • Tilt 180 Degrees
  • Adjustable 360 Deg. pan scale.
  • Front box mount.
  • Eyepiece levelling bracket incorporated in carrying handles.
  • Fully guaranteed.

The “Atlas” is a completely new design head,with a patented counterbalance system. Capable of taking camera‘s up to 50 Kgs (110 lbs) @ 30 cm (12“) above the heads pivotal centre. Operated by a single control knob, from 0 – 100 %. Incorporating the well proven Ronford-Baker fluid system, with 15 stages of fluid control, on pan & tilt. With a zero (free) position. These give unprecedented smoothness & accuracy of control & balance under all situations.

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