Requirements to Rent


  • Full Account – Our Ontario Camera/Client Contract needs to be filled in in full before or at the first pick up.
  • ID and Credit Card – First time rentals need to provide the same Credit card and Valid ID at the first pick up (or provided beforehand) to be scanned front and back. Ontario Drivers or Photo ID card accepted, Passport for international and non Ontario Residents clients)
  • First Payment – First rental payment needs to be made via the same credit card put on the account forms and scanned.
  • Some rentals will require insurance. If the replacement value of your total rental is under $5,000, you do not require insurance on that rental. If the Replacement Value is $5000 or higher, Insurance for Miscellaneous rental is 100% required. We do not do deposit holds instead of insurance for any rentals. Short term coverage can be purchased via an affiliate company Front Row Insurance here: