Zacuto Z drive follow focus rentals Toronto

Zacuto Z-Drive follow focus


Zacuto Z-Drive Follow Focus


  • Mechanical Follow Focus Handgrip System
  • For 15mm Shoulder-Mounted Rigs
  • 0.8 Pitch, 1.75″ Diameter Gear
  • Standard Accessory Port for Whips/Cranks
  • Comfortable Horn Shaped Handle
  • Scalloped Focus Whee


This Zacuto Z-Drive and Tornado Grip Kit from B&H is a mechanical follow focus handgrip for shoulder-mounted 15mm rod support systems. It is designed for rigs that position the camera directly above your shoulder, such as Zacuto’s Recoil rigs. It pushes focus control forward and down for easy accessibility while also functioning as a handgrip. The kit features a Zacuto Z-Drive and Tornado Grip.

The Zacuto Z-Drive follow focus attaches to a single 15mm rod and features a 60° curve to create distance from the lens. It features a fixed 0.8 pitch gear, marking disc, and a standard accessory port for attaching the Zacuto Tornado Handgrip. The Tornado features a comfortable horn shape handle that works in tandem with the curve of the Z-Drive to serve as a handgrip for a shoulder support system. The handle rotates freely, allowing you to place your thumb and forefinger on the scalloped focus wheel and turn your whole hand to pull focus.

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