Kino Flo 2' 4Bank Light rental Toronto

Kino Flo 2′ 4Bank


This 2′ Kino Flo 4Bank Interview Kit is part of the recent evolution of lighting for motion pictures, television, video and still photography. Using cool-running 2′ T-12 fluorescent bulbs (not included), the 4Bank fixture consumes 1/10 the power of an equivalent tungsten fixture, operates silently and flicker-free, and doesn’t shift color temperature when the light levels are changed. The 4Bank has four 40W lamps (available separately), with individual lamp control. The lamps have a long life, and the fixture is light enough to tape to a wall (with many more traditional mounting options available). The lamps can also operate independently of the fixture–the bulbs can be built into sets or a single tube can be hand held as an eye-light. Also included in the kit is a high-output ballast, a mounting plate, a soft carrying case and an extension cable. Lamps are not included.

Operates at 1/10th the power of equivalent conventional tungsten softlights
True Match daylight and tungsten lamps
Instant-on, dead quiet operation
Color temperature doesn’t shift when the light levels change
Lamps are long lived and operate outside the fixture
The fixtures are lightweight enough to tape to a wall
Flicker-free, remote operation
Built-in barndoors
Individual lamp control
The standard ball and socket mount allows the fixture to be oriented in a broad range of angles


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Product Description

Input Voltage 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Lamps Optional 2′ T-12
Ballast 120VAC
Input: 50/60 Hz
Output: 25 kHz
Amps: F75/4.6 A, F40/3.1 A, F30/2.3 A
Mounting Mounting plate comes with a 3/8″ Lollipop that clamps into a grip head
Light Output 2′–232 Foot-candles
4′–65 Foot-candles
6′–29 Foot-candles
8′–17 Foot-candles
10′–11 Foot-candles
12′–7.5 Foot-candles
Weight 7.5 lb (3.4 kg)
Dimensions 27 x 13 x 3.5″ w/6.5″ barndoors (69 x 33 x 9 cm w/16.5 cm barndoors)
Kit Weight 20 lbs (9 kg)
Kit Dimensions 27.5 x 7 x 18″ (70 x 18 x 46 cm)