Canon K35 Lens kit rental Toronto

Canon K35 Lens kit – 5 Lenses


Canon K35 Lens kit

Canons 1970s Glass is widely renowned for being absolutely beautiful.  these lenses are nice and sharp (similar to zeiss super speeds) , but with a creamy quality and color palette that is unique.  These lenses all completely cover the dragon and 36x24mm (full frame).

These lenses have gorgeous purple/orange flares and excellent corner to corner sharpness.  they cover full frame 36mmx24mm


This kit comes with


18mm T1.5 Canon K-35 CF 1ft   80mm front

24mm T1.6 Canon K-35 CF 1ft   80mm front

35mm T1.4 Canon K-35 CF 1ft   80mm front

55mm T1.4 Canon K-35 CF 2ft   80mm front

85mm T1.4 Canon K-35 CF 3ft   80mm front


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