Arrilite 1000 Watt Focus Flood Light

Arrilite 1000 Watt Focus Flood Light

As an open-faced fixture, the Arrilite 1000 Watt Focusing Flood Light is designed for a wide range of film and photographic lighting applications. Sharing all the same features, size, weight and accessories as the Arrilite 650, the 1000 provides beam angles of 65° in the flood position and 24° in the spot position.

When fitted with a DXW 1000W bulb (available separately), this fixture will throw a beam of 695 footcandles 4.3 ft (1.4 m) in diameter, @ full spot, from a distance of 10 ft (3 m). It will provide a beam of 145 footcandles 13 ft (4 m) in diameter @ full flood, from the same distance.

Although equipped with a 120 Volt AC power cord, this fixture may be operated with 220-240 Volt AC current, with the appropriate bulb and plug adapter, both sold separately.

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