ARRI Maxima MX30 3-Axis Gimbal


ARRI Maxima MX30 3-Axis Gimbal

  • Handheld 3-axis camera stabilizer system with up to 30 kg / 66 lb payload
  • Gold Mount battery mount
  • 32-bit ARM-based multiprocessors
  • fast and easy setup
  • offset and off-balance compensation
  • free positionable joystick
  • 1.5 inch OLED display

The Maxima MX30 3-Axis Gimbal from Arri is a 3-axis electronically stabilized gimbal, suitable for a wide range of users. It offers a stable center of gravity and supports camera systems up to 66.1 lb. The gimbal features a durable ball bearing roll cage and brushless motors. Direct and intuitive handling of this gimbal is managed by a 32-bit multiprocessor and an additional slave RISC processor support ensures processing of multi-sensor data without any losses. The gimbal offers a maximum angular deviation of 0.05° and features a variety of pre-configured profiles with support for customized profiles.

The 1.5” OLED screen allows users to keep track of the operating mode and battery status, and to quickly toggle between different profiles. On-the-fly configuration of software setups and changes between the five customized camera settings can be done via the smart GUI. Additionally, bigger setup alterations and software updates can be implemented via USB.

The outer frame of the gimbal features a joystick (located close to the handles) that helps you to shoot from different angles. An optional bidirectional 2.4 GHz wireless remote control is also available for tilt, pan, and roll movements. In addition, the gimbal offers vertical swivels of up to 90°.

Efficient motor drivers
Separate sensors for camera and frame position
Additional rotating position sensors for pan and tilt axes
Thumb-controlled joystick for tilt and pan
Supports various mounting and support brackets
Anton Bauer Gold mount power supply



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