Ontario Camera Rentals Located in Toronto

  • Joker 400 – 400W HMI


    Joker 400W HMI   The JOKER 400 is delivered with a Clear Glass Beaker when reaching for full intensity is…

  • Schneider 4×5.65″ DigiCon – All Density


    The Schneider 4x4" DigiCon 1/4 filter is used for a "filmic look" when shooting with digital cameras. When used in…

  • Schneider 4×5.65″ Optical Flat Clear Glass Filter


    Clear Filter During stunts which can damage a lens, the Schneider 4x5.65" Optical Flat Clear Glass Filter protects expensive front elements…

  • Classic Black Soft 1/8 4×5.65″


    Classic Black Soft 1/8 4x5.65" The Schneider Classic Black Soft 1/8 Filter (4 x 4") is a combination of Schneider's…

  • Polarizing Filter 4×5.65″


    True Polarizer Filter 4x5.65   This is by far the most effective polarizer for motion picture and television cameras. Having…

  • Low Contrast 4×5.65″ – All Density

    Low Contrast Filter Available in all Density Low Contrast for Greater Shadow Detail Does Not Affect Highlight Values Ideal for…

Ontario Camera Rental Located in downtown Toronto.

We provide pro cameras and lighting gear for film productions. Our inventory includes Freefly Movi M15, Red epic Dragon, Canon C300, Red Scarlet X, OC Grip and lighting Truck, Zeiss CP.2 lens kits and many more.